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When updating to the ver. 2.0 Echolution 2 application and firmware, you must update the firmware FIRST (using the old app) and THEN update to the 2.0 app.
If you update the app first, when you then update the firmware, the app will crash and disconnect.

If you updated the app first and can’t update the firmware, you will need to:
1) UNINSTALL the 2.0 app
2) Go to and download the Legacy E2 App (choosing the right platform for your computer: Linux, Mac or Windows)
3) Install the Legacy E2 App
4) Update the Firmware: click on File>Update Firmware in the app and navigate to the 2.0 firmware file (wherever you downloaded it to). The file is called “e2update.dat”.
5) Update the App: Go to and download the applicable app version, and double click on the file to install.

If you haven’t updated to 2.0 app and firmware yet, simply open your app and follow steps 4 and 5 above before you update the application to version 2.0.

MASSIVE firmware update and NEW application for Echolution 2

Click Here to Download the latest firmware for your Pigtronix Echolution 2 and Echolution 2 Deluxe

Click Here to Download the Echolution 2 Application Version 2.0

This new application and firmware allows expression pedal and envelope control of all knobs, simultaneously, with user definable heel and toe settings as well as independent envelope inversion, strength and decay time parameters for every preset.


The five main parameters (Repeats, Delay Time, Delay Mix, Modulation Speed, and Modulation Depth) now support independent mapping from the expression pedal and envelope detection circuitry.  The expression and envelope mapping can apply to multiple parameters, with each parameter having independent settings for Expression range/direction and Envelope strength/direction/release time.  When a parameter has any of these advanced mapping features enabled the LED for that parameter dimly illuminates to indicate the expression or envelope control.  The previous Single Expression/Envelope Mapping now serves as an Advanced Mapping Override allowing E2D users to quickly override or experiment without the use of a computer.

This functionality is easily accessed in the newly updated Echolution 2 application using the advanced options controls.  When a parameter is assigned expression pedal control, pointers for the heel and toe become visible around that parameter’s associated control knob; moving these pointers sets the range of control.  Controls in the advanced options menu set the direction of the expression pedal mapping.

Envelope control is also accessed through the advanced options controls.  Here envelope control of the individual parameters can be enabled, along with the strength of the mapping, the direction, and the release time of each.

This unprecedented level of control and tweak-ability is pushed to it’s limit with the application’s inclusion of Preset Blending.  Users can select two similar presets and have the application automatically set the expression pedal ranges and directions so that the expression pedal blends between the parameter settings.

To round out this paradigm shifting addition, we’ve added separate global settings for the Sensitivity and Release Time of Ducking, a host of improvements to Preset Management and Switching as well as access to Global Parameters (such as MIDI Channel).

Echolution 2 Firmware Update

Click Here for Echolution 2 Firmware Ver. 71

New Features:

* Taps “teleport” when loading presets. This is helpful for seamless transitions between vastly different sounds.

* Switching in and out of TAPE mode is now silent

* Holding down rotary switch during boot sets MIDI channel.

* MIDI Bug that would see other MIDI channel’s data has been fixed.

* MIDI BEAT CLOCK output divider removed - This feature is essential for using E2′s tap tempo to control the Pigtronix Infinity Looper. 

This Echolution 2 firmware, combined with the Infinity Looper 2.0 firmware represents the complete realization of the musically synchronized echo, modulation, filter and looping system we set out to create. Enjoy!

Firmware update for Echolution 2 and Echolution 2 Deluxe

This firmware vastly improves the sound and “feel” of the E2 Delay line. It is essential. If you have an E2, please run the firmware update process from the application. Download the new firmware here: