MASSIVE firmware update and NEW application for Echolution 2

Click Here to Download the latest firmware for your Pigtronix Echolution 2 and Echolution 2 Deluxe

Click Here to Download the Echolution 2 Application Version 2.0

This new application and firmware allows expression pedal and envelope control of all knobs, simultaneously, with user definable heel and toe settings as well as independent envelope inversion, strength and decay time parameters for every preset.


The five main parameters (Repeats, Delay Time, Delay Mix, Modulation Speed, and Modulation Depth) now support independent mapping from the expression pedal and envelope detection circuitry.  The expression and envelope mapping can apply to multiple parameters, with each parameter having independent settings for Expression range/direction and Envelope strength/direction/release time.  When a parameter has any of these advanced mapping features enabled the LED for that parameter dimly illuminates to indicate the expression or envelope control.  The previous Single Expression/Envelope Mapping now serves as an Advanced Mapping Override allowing E2D users to quickly override or experiment without the use of a computer.

This functionality is easily accessed in the newly updated Echolution 2 application using the advanced options controls.  When a parameter is assigned expression pedal control, pointers for the heel and toe become visible around that parameter’s associated control knob; moving these pointers sets the range of control.  Controls in the advanced options menu set the direction of the expression pedal mapping.

Envelope control is also accessed through the advanced options controls.  Here envelope control of the individual parameters can be enabled, along with the strength of the mapping, the direction, and the release time of each.

This unprecedented level of control and tweak-ability is pushed to it’s limit with the application’s inclusion of Preset Blending.  Users can select two similar presets and have the application automatically set the expression pedal ranges and directions so that the expression pedal blends between the parameter settings.

To round out this paradigm shifting addition, we’ve added separate global settings for the Sensitivity and Release Time of Ducking, a host of improvements to Preset Management and Switching as well as access to Global Parameters (such as MIDI Channel).

Infinity Build 125: On-board Expression, Vari-Speed Intervals, And MORE!

Click Here to download the latest Infinity Looper FIRMWARE update. This is build #125. New features include:

A new menu on the SERIES LOOPS switch that allows users to alter the Expression Pedal Assignment and the Interval change while in the Varispeed Remote Control Mode.  To enter this menu press and hold the SERIES LOOPS switch for 2 seconds while no loops are playing:

1) If you were in the Varispeed Remote Control Mode (7-segment displaying one horizontal bar), this menu will allow you to choose which pitch interval change occurs on press of the REVERSE/Varispeed Pitch Down and UNDO/Varispeed Pitch Up.  The 7-segment will begin flashing between three horizontal bars and a number.  The number displayed shows what scale degree (2= 2nd, 3=3rd etc) and the decimal point shows whether the chosen interval is flatted.  After choosing the desired interval press the Preset Encoder to select the interval and exit.  The chosen interval is set on a per preset basis and is saved with each preset.

2) If you are not in the Varispeed Remote Control Mode (7-segment is displaying the current preset), this menu will allow you to choose which parameter the expression pedal controls.  The 7-segment will begin flashing between ‘P’ and either ‘U’/’=‘/’A’ for Loop Volume, Varispeed, or Loop Aging respectively.  Move between choices by turning the preset encoder.  After choosing the desired Expression Pedal mapping, press the Preset Encoder to select the mapping and exit.  The expression pedal mapping is set on a per preset basis and is saved with each preset.  The expression pedal mapping applies throughout the entire preset.  Using the Application more advanced expression pedal  mappings are possible.

Entering the Varispeed Remote Control Mode by Pressing and Holding the REVERSE switch for 2 seconds will switch between the two menus.


Other changes:

-Moving between the Varispeed Remote Control Mode with different Expression Pedal Mappings no longer causes parameters to jump.  The expression pedal must first ‘CatchUp’ to the previously set value before expression pedal control takes over.

-When leaving the Varispeed Remote Control Mode, the last used control (either Expression or Remote Switch) will continue to remain active even when this mode is left.

-Bugs related to saving really short reversed loops have been fixed.


Both the Windows and Mac applications have received updates throughout the week to fix bugs and tweak parameters.

Infinity Firmware Build 120 – Mac App and MIDI Fixes

Firmware Build 120 can be found here.

  • MIDI is now set to 4/4 Time (Until Next Week’s Time Signature Support is added)
  • Issues with MIDI Synchronization have been resolved.  Actions will no longer occasionally occur a MIDI Beat late.


The brand new Mac application is located here.  It includes all of the features that the Windows application has support for: More than 10 presets, Expression Pedal Assignment, Varispeed Interval Selection etc).  Furthermore the application is sporting a brand new look that includes a new theme, Progress Bars, and an overall more robust design.

The Windows  application has been updated with the new theme and better Progress Bar support.  It can be found here.

Echolution 2 Firmware Update

Click Here for Echolution 2 Firmware Ver. 71

New Features:

* Taps “teleport” when loading presets. This is helpful for seamless transitions between vastly different sounds.

* Switching in and out of TAPE mode is now silent

* Holding down rotary switch during boot sets MIDI channel.

* MIDI Bug that would see other MIDI channel’s data has been fixed.

* MIDI BEAT CLOCK output divider removed - This feature is essential for using E2′s tap tempo to control the Pigtronix Infinity Looper. 

This Echolution 2 firmware, combined with the Infinity Looper 2.0 firmware represents the complete realization of the musically synchronized echo, modulation, filter and looping system we set out to create. Enjoy!

Infinity Looper FIRMWARE UPDATE #119 – New Features and Application

Click Here to download the latest Infinity Looper FIRMWARE update. This is build #119. New features include:

Using SERIES Loops with TRAILS or FADE turned on, hitting UNDO during a cued transition between loops will erase the pending loop and cause it to start recording a fresh loop at the transition… ENDLESS LOOP CREATION! (Thanks Jasper)

Expression pedal control is now more flexible, allowing you to map any function to the expression pedal (VARISPEED / VOLUME / LOOP AGING). For now this must be done through the Infinity Looper Application (pictured below).





This functionality allows the user to maintain expression pedal control of their desired parameter, regardless of the remote switch status. The EXP menu selects the expression pedal assignment during normal operation. The VarEXP menu selects the expression pedal assignment when the remote switch is controlling varispeed.  EXP and VarEXP can also be set to different values, giving you the most expression pedal flexibility including varispeed control simultaneous with reverse and undo.  We are still working on refining the expression pedal behavior so that it remembers your last position when moving in and out of Varispeed remote control. A future update will include this refinement as well as an on-board EXP mapping menu similar to the Loop Aging menu.

Click Here to download the latest Infinity Looper APPLICATION (PC Only for now). This new version of the application will allow you to choose the latest  BETA using the AUTOMATIC UPDATE function. Click the LOAD BETA box as shown below.


New Infinity Looper 2.0 Firmware, Application and Manual

Here is a link to a NEW Infinity Looper firmware Ver. 2.0 BETA (version 118):

Reversing very short loops (less than 2.5 sec) can cause weirdness.

Here is a link to the new version of the Infinity Looper Ver. 2.0 application (PC only):

MAC version and more Infinity Looper application updates to come soon…

Here is a link to the Infinity Looper Manual Ver. 2.0
Infinity Looper Manual 2.0

There are a few more things to add, but this new manual will be hugely helpful to anyone using the new firmware.


Here is a BETA version of the long awaited Infinity Looper massive firmware update:

Please SAVE YOUR LOOPS NOW as this complete firmware overhaul will BLOW AWAY all of the pre-recorded material on your machine.

New features include:

Active MIDI Sync

10ms Minimum Loop Time

50 Presets (100 loops)

Vari-Speed mode w/ Remote Control ~ (hold down REVERSE to enter varispeed remote control)

Tap Tempo Sync Mode ~ (hold down Loop 1 on power up / AUTOzero MIDI beat counter when you hit record)

MONO Mixdown ~ (hold down Loop 2 on power up / mono mix of both loops)

Stutter Mode ~ (hold down STOP on power up / reverse becomes stutter)

Complete MIDI Control ~ (documentation coming tomorrow)

LED indication for the Colorblind

LEDs blink on loop cycle


This code is a BETA. It is not perfect. Saving very short loops does not work. We will be posting another update, along with a new version of the Infinity Looper application within the next few days.

A new (better) version of the manual with complete description of all new features will be published here tomorrow.

Dave Koltai

Infinity Looper Firmware Info

Each Infinity Looper firmware update stands on its own. You DO NOT need to install previous versions. 10ms minimum loop time is now standard on all Infinity Looper firmware updates starting with yesterday’s firmware (#105) phase-locked MIDI Beat Clock Sync. Updates to come that will expand to 100 loops (50 presets), vari-speed, stutter and more.


Dave Koltai & Pigtronix

MIDI Sync BETA code

FINALLY… here we have new BETA firmware that achieves phase-locked MIDI Beat Clock Sync. This new approach synchronizes the Infinity’s audio sample rate directly to incoming MIDI Beat Clock.

This firmware is intended to be used with a MIDI clock source that is not changing tempo. Full Vari-Speed functionality via MIDI  note or CC, Expression pedal / remote switch is coming soon.

I’ve also updated the E2 Sync Code as well. Get that here:

New Verison Infinity Looper Application

MIDI Sync firmware update beta will be posted shortly (hopefully 4/7/2014)… check back soon.

obviously, this firmware update is taking way longer than anticipated. we apologize.

for now, feel free to download these alternate firmware versions:

vari-speed beta code we showed at NAMM. note: this vari-speed build does not address the minimum loop time issue, which will be eliminated with the upcoming looper update.

This verispeed BETA is really just a test code. The left button of the remote cuts the sample rate in ½ (24kHz) and the right button doubles the sample rate (96KhZ). Hitting both buttons defaults to the standard 48kHz sample rate). Expression pedal changes sample rate continuously across the full range.

By the end of this month, we will have the final firmware that lets everything happen at once. For now, there is no way to combine all these new functions until my engineer delivers the final code, which will offer both rock solid MIDI sync AS WELL AS varispeed and the ability to track tempo and time signature changes in the MIDI clock. It will also have stutter start, 10MS minimum loop time and the ability to change the sample rate by any chosen musical interval.

10ms minimum loop time code 

and here is a snapshot of the new infinity looper application:
















Firmware update for Echolution 2 and Echolution 2 Deluxe

This firmware vastly improves the sound and “feel” of the E2 Delay line. It is essential. If you have an E2, please run the firmware update process from the application. Download the new firmware here:

Infinity Firmware to allow sync with Echolution 2 MIDI clock

… hi everyone, we are getting closer to releasing the massive Infinity Looper Vari-Speed (and more) update.

The big news for today, is that we’ve conquered the minimum loop time issue. The new minimum loop time on the Infinity will be in the vicinity of 10ms. Thank GOD! What a relief. NURF is the MAN.

hang tight for this update, it is gonna be amazing.

For now, here is a version of the Looper firmware that resets the MIDI clock counter when you start recording onto the base layer of the first loop. This is essential for using the MIDI out on the new Echolution 2 as your clock source.


MASSIVE firmware update to the Pigtronix Infinity Looper to be unveiled @ Winter NAMM

This INFINITY UPDATE is almost done. It will be released by the end of February. Check back here for the release announcement.
New Infinity Looper Firmware features include:
Vari-Speed (via Expression pedal or MIDI tempo change) – This allows continuous control over the speed of the loop, down to Half Speed or up to Double Speed.Half Speed / Double Speed via remote switch50 Presets (100 loops!!!!)

MIDI clock correction to fix jitter & drift

Echolution 2 MIDI Sync - Resets the MIDI clock counter when you start recording onto the base layer of the first loop. Essentially this lets you define the “1″ while letting the E2 tap tempo or delay time set the MIDI clock.

MIDI CC map to allow remote control of all footswitch functions

Blinking PULSE of DIGIT at beginning of loop cycle

Sum both channels to mono (2 input / 1 output) – implemented by holding down SERIES LOOPS button during startup.

HUGE thanks to NURF and Hemogloben for making this a reality!

Multiple Mono debut release for UK’s Ricochet Records

New York’s live electronica duo Multiple Mono have brought Rob Paterson’s bizarre sonic experiments to life since 2005. Although active in the local dance scene, Rob and collaborator Colin Kasprowicz’s work is far from any insecure dance music conventions, the character of their independent musical universe strengthened by the fact Rob escaped the claustrophobia of NYC many years ago, now living and composing from a cabin deep in the woods of Long Island.

multiple mono 1

Following releases on Minus12 and Little Helpers, their first EP for London England’s Ricochet Records (just released) demonstrates the power of the duo’s productions and personality that spills from their live arrangements. A firm grasp of minimal dance drives opener False Prophet – leading by example that less is more, immense power carried by just a drum machine and bass synth in their hands. Things then get somewhat psychedelic, as Peregrine introduces us to what they describe as “33tech”, the result of experiments playing minimal techno 45s at 33rpm. Hovering around 100bpm, this avant-garde piece is a blissful reminder of why artists need the confidence and space to follow their own instinctive path – a compelling, phat and bizarre beast worth delving deep into. Vinegar Chicken brings us back uptempo, although the sparse groove, acid-disco synths and switching arrangement make this a DJ tool to keep the jockey firmly on their toes. Colin is very excited about the contribution of the Bass FAT Drive to this track!

multiple mono 2

On remix duties is Justin K Broadrick (Napalm Death / Godflesh / Jesu) reviving his electronic side project Pale Sketcher (Ghostly International) for a beautiful slice of heavy ambience. New signing Muni Manuka leaves a slice of classic Ricochet broken tech to round off this twenty-first outing for the label.

Preview and purchase here:

David Koltai and Pigtronix Design Team Inducted into Guitar Player Hall of Fame

David Koltai, Howard Davis and Ray Heasman have been inducted into the Guitar Player Hall of Fame. This unexpected honor makes David Koltai the youngest person ever to receive this prestigious award.

Click Here for the PDF

Firmware variations

Hi everyone, we’re cranking away on another firmware update, but in the meantime I though it would be cool to make a few alternate versions available.

So here they are:
This one turns x6 sync mode into x16. Keep in mind you can always close early to change the sync value, so x16 is very useful:
This one is the custom firmware we did for Phil Keaggy.

1) RESET Feature

REVERSE switch has been repurposed to do the following:
When RESET is triggered and a loop is playing, the loop is instantly STOPPED (regardless of FULL / TRAIL / FADE), ERASED and made ready to record base layer once again.
RESET applies only to the armed loop.
The loop that has just been reset remains armed.

2) Default settings
On power up, preset “0” will default to SERIES mode with SYNC turned off and FULL active. INPUT SPLIT is off. STOP mode set to ALL

Dimebag Darrell Scholarship Fund & Nashville Dog Rescue

Bid on a Pigtronix Class A Boost pedal for some great causes~ Guys – throw this Class A Boost in the FX loop of your Metal Amp, and thank me later.

These days as schools throughout America are forced to close their Musical programs kids in uncounted numbers are missing their potential to become the talented musicians of our future.

RIDE FOR DIME is a federally sanctioned 501 (C) 3 charity organization benefiting several different like minded causes in honor of the late great DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT the former guitarist of the bands DAMAGEPLAN and PANTERA.

Dime was the kind of person that was able to connect with millions of fans world wide with his kind heart and extraordinary musical abilities. Unfortunately hes was taken from us on December 8th 2004 in a senseless act of violence.

Since then some of the people closest to him have created ” RIDE FOR DIME” to raise money in his name and give back to the thing that enriched his short life so greatly…..Music.

Little Kids Rock Foundation provides classrooms with the instruments and funding that it takes to keep their music programs alive. ultimately giving kids an outlet to showcase their talents.

The Darrell Abbott Scholarship Fund helps deserving kids pursue their musical dreams and education.

Help us help them!! for the kids…for the music!!! we will all benefit from this>>>Getcha Pull!!

David Koltai Pedal Workshop at Sam Ash – Huntington Station – Tuesday October 1, 7pm

Join us for a complete in depth guide to the use, operation and features of the entire Pigtronix pedal line including the new Bass, Looping, Chorus, Delay and Noise Gate pedals! See the World Premiere of the NEW Echolution II. Pigtronix C0-Founder and President David Koltai will present this workshop.

Discounts on ALL Pigtronix pedals!

Free Admission & Giveaways!

7pm – 8:30pm
Sam Ash – Huntington






Bakithi Kumalo at Guitar Center – Larchmont – Thursday October 10, 7PM

Bakithi Kumalo is the man. He plays Bass with Paul Simon as well as with Tedeschi Trucks Band.


Bakithi will be playing through the line of Pigtronix Bass Pedals, there will be product discounts and giveaways!


Starts at 7pm, Admission is free!

Bakithi Kumalo at Guitar Center – Commack – Thursday October 3, 7PM

Bakithi Kumalo is the man. He plays Bass with Paul Simon as well as with Tedeschi Trucks Band.


Bakithi will be playing through the line of Pigtronix Bass Pedals, there will be product discounts and giveaways!


Starts at 7pm, Admission is free!