The Pigtronix Story

Founded in 2004 in Brooklyn, NY, Pigtronix is a boutique pedal maker that strives to push the dialogue of musical effects forward. Equal parts reverence for classic vintage sounds and dedication to new, yet unheard tones, Pigtronix’s aim is to develop a universe of forward-thinking, fun, and inherently musical products of the utmost quality. From dorm room R+D to industry renown, the Pigtronix story was written in the stars.

Forever Tinkering

Pigtronix pedals are developed with cosmic inspiration, state-of-the-art technology, and in collaboration with some of the finest sound designers and engineers of our time. Each pedal contains a world unto itself and nothing leaves our workshop until it’s blowing our minds.

Who is Marvin?

Marvin is an exceptionally inquisitive space pig and sound explorer of the Great Unknown. He travels the infinite depths of space, harvesting the most unique sounds that the cosmos have to offer, then packages them into Pigtronix pedals for human enjoyment. Thank you, Marvin.

We've Been to the Future and It's Pretty Great

In 2020, Pigtronix was acquired by Bond Audio, parent company of D’Angelico Guitars and Supro. Sharing joined research and design forces as well as international distribution, Pigtronix has entered a new era. Explore our partners below.

Meet the Family