Who is Marvin?

Marvin is a portly pig and sound explorer of the Great Unknown. He travels the infinite depths of space, harvesting the most unique sounds that the cosmos have to offer and packages them into Pigtronix pedals for human enjoyment. Marvin will save us all.

What power supply do I need for my Pedal?

Power supply information for each of our pedals can be found on their corresponding product page.

My Disnortion pedal is not switching correctly.

Replace CD4066 and CD4093 / CD4011 CMOS chips. No soldering required

Can you fix my old Pigtronix pedal?

We no longer offer out of warranty support for Pigtronix legacy pedals. Please contact info@pigtronix.com for more information.

Can I get the schematic for my pedal?

We do not provide Schematics for Pigtronix pedals.

Can I get my EP-1 Envelope Phaser modified?

We no longer offer custom mods for legacy Pigtronix pedals.

My Keymaster cuts low end. Can this be fixed?

Put 10uF Aluminum Electrolytic caps in positions C7 and C8.

The BLEND knob does not completely eliminate Loop B from the audio path in parallel mode in my Keymaster.

Change the BLEND pot to B100K

What is the difference between Fat Drive and Bass Fat Drive?

Bass FAT drive lets through more low end.

What are the differences between the various versions of the Philosopher's Tone Micro?

They all have the same compressor circuit. Philosopher’s Tone Micro features a Treble control. The Germanium Gold Version has a blendable overdrive in place of the treble control. The Bass version also has an overdrive that is optimized for Bass. 

What circuit is the Octava pedal based on?

The Octava is an original circuit design by Howard Davis and David Koltai that was first used in the Pigtronix Disnortion pedal that came out in 2005. The Octava micro takes the half-wave rectifier, octave up circuit as well as the Fuzz from the original Disnortion and ads a JFET Drive circuit to the front end.

Do I need a Buffer before my Octava pedal?

No. The Octava pedal does not require a buffer.

I can't get midi to work on my Echolution 2 pedal.

Please contact info@pigtronix.com.

Can I buy a 15V Power Supply for my original Echolution pedal?

We no longer carry this item. Any 15VDC negative tip 300mA power supply will work.

Can you fix my original Echolution pedal?

We no longer offer out of warranty support for Pigtronix legacy pedals. 

Can the Polysaturator pedal run on 18V

Yes. It works great!

The pitch of my loop is changing unexpectedly.

Turn on the “Ignore Midi Notes” function on your Infinity pedal.

How do I update the firmware on my Infinity Looper?

Instructions link coming soon! Contact info@pigtronix.com if you just can’t wait!

How do I tell if I have the latest firmware loaded on my Infinity?

When you power up the unit, the digit will flash 218.

My Looper is playing back old material or not saving loops properly. What is going on?

SD Card need to be reformatted or replaced. More info coming soon!

When I plug my Infinity into a MAC, I get the message "no loopers found."

Go into security settings and change the 3rd party app permissions to “everywhere.”

Contact info@pigtronix.com if you’re still having dificulty.

My Infinity 2 is freezing and/or locking up on power up,

We will replace the pedal under warranty.

My Motherhips 2 is out of tune. Can you fix it?

Contact info@pigtronix.com

What do the trim pots in my pedal do?

These are set at the factory and we STRONGLY recommend you DO NOT adjust internal trim pots.

How do you add the CV mod to my original Mothership pedal?

Plug the side jacks into the open CV and GATE ports on the circuit board.

My EP-1 Envelope Phaser is not triggering.

Spray some DeOxit into the Trigger jack and then run a ¼” plug in and out a few times. This will clear any corrosion that is preventing it from working properly.