Moon Pool | Live Room Gear Demos Review

Eirik from Living Room Gear Demos reviews the new Moon Pool.

Space Rip | R.J Ronquillo Demo

Nashville guitarist R.J. Ronquillo demos the new Space Rip.

Constellator | Tobee Paik Review

Tobee Paik demos the Constellator.

Space Rip | Tobee Paik Review

Tobee Paik shows off the Space Rip analog synth pedal.

Infinity 2 Double Looper | Pete Thorn Demo

Pete Thorn demos the Infinity 2 Looper.

Infinity 2 Double Looper | Dave Koltai Demo

Pigtronix founder, David Koltai demos the Infinity 2 Double Looper pedal.

Gatekeeper | Dave Koltai Demo

Pigtronix’s very own Dave Kotai shows us what the Gatekeeper can do.

Philosopher's Tone | Guitar Interactive Magazine Demo

Guitar Interactive Magazine takes the Philosopher’s Tone micro pedal for a spin.

Octava | Thomas Elliot Demo

Thomas “CMFP” Elliott is a guitarist and circuit designer for Pigtronix and Supro.

Infinity 2 Double Looper | Sweetwater Demo

The Pigtronix Infinity 2 Looper Pedal takes the ultra-low-latency looping engine of the original Infinity looper and squeezes it into a compact, user-friendly stompbox.

Octava | Distortion LTD Demo

Vintage octave fuzz pedals can be devilishly enigmatic.

Disnortion | Pro Guitar Shop Demos

Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and Today, weโ€™re stepping on the Disnortion Micro from Pigtronix. The original Disnortion combines three dirt effects in one box, an the Micro version harvests the best of the original in a tiny enclosure that can fit on any jam-packed pedalboard.

Philosopher's Tone | Sweetwater Review

Mitch Gallagher presents the Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone Micro compressor/sustainer pedal.

Infinity 2 Double Looper | Living Room Gear Demos

Livingroom Gear Demos shows off the Infinity 2 Looper and all that it can do.