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2022 Infinity 3 Firmware Update

Firmware# 227 New Features:



There is now a boot option for controlling the way the Infinity 3 responds to MIDI Start / Stop messages. Previously, the unit would always obey incoming MIDI Start / Stop messages. Now the user can choose to have the Infinity 3 ignore those messages while still following MIDI clock and all other incoming CC messages.

To access this new feature, press and hold the ‘Preset’ Encoder Push Button during power up. This will toggle the Ignore Midi Start / Stop functions. The Midi Start Record function will also be disabled. The status of this new feature is indicated on startup by the decimal point of the dual 7-seg display. If the decimal point is lit, Midi Start / Stop commands are ignored. If the decimal point is unlit, Midi Start / Stop commands are followed.



The ability to change the time signature has been added to Infinity 3’s MIDI CC map. This provides a simple way for musicians to select any time signature by sending individual CC numbers to set the number of beats per measure (numerator) as well as the beat value (denominator).



CC# 103 = Time Sig Numerator: Valid values = 1-127. Sets number of beats per measure.

CC# 104 = Time Sig Denominator. Valid values = 2, 4, 8, 16. Sets the beat value (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16).



The Global Default Time Signature can now be changed from 4/4 to 1/4 when formatting the SD Card. This allows for MIDI commands to occur “on the beat” instead of “on the bar line.” This setting frees up the musician to loop in any time signature while sync’d with a MIDI clock source without having to set the time signature via CC. 

The process for changing the global default time signature during SD Card format is as follows: 


Press and hold the ARM/ALL and STEREO/SPLIT buttons during power up. This will cause the unit to boot into the reformatting menu. Once in the reformatting menu, you can select MIDI Measure Sync or MIDI Beat Sync by pressing the Sync/Multi switch. The status is indicated using decimal point on the dual 7-segment display. Decimal point Lit = MIDI Beat Sync. Decimal point Unlit = MIDI Measure Sync. The selected option will apply to all presets including the blank canvas once the formatting has been completed by pressing down on the rotary encoder. 

Firmware #227 Bug Fixes:

The boot option for “ignore all MIDI commands except MIDI clock” was not sticky. Previously the user needed to perform this boot option every time the unit is powered on. The boot option for “ignore all MIDI commands except MIDI clock” is now sticky like all of the other boot options.

There was a UI issue with Sample Rate Interval and Exp Select menus. Previously these menus would revert to the default value when the switch was pressed to check the current setting. The user can now press the appropriate button for both Sample Rate Interval and Exp Select menus to view the currently selected value without reverting to the default setting.

CC#87 now works to trigger the One Shot function.


Download the latest Firmware update (fwupdate_SPL3.dat) here.

To update your Infinity 3 with the latest firmware, power up the Infinity 3 and plug it into a PC with a USB-A to microUSB cable. Infinity 3 is not a bus powered device and must be plugged into the wall using the supplied 18VDC adapter in order to connect via USB. Once the unit has been connected to a computer, it will appear as a USB mass storage device.

Open the drive that appears and double click on the LOOPERFW directory. Copy the fwupdate_SPL3. dat file into the LOOPERFW directory, replacing the current file of the same name. In order for the firmware update to work, the updated file in the LOOPERFW folder must be named” fwupdate_SPL3. dat” Make sure the name of the new file is correct, then power down the Infinity 3 (eject first on MAC) and disconnect the USB cable from the Infinity 3.

While holding down the CUE/FADE and SAMPLE RATE switches, reconnect the power supply to the Infinity 3, the digit will display an “F” to indicate the firmware update process has been initiated. When finished, the Infinity will reboot automatically and your firmware will be updated.

The firmware numbers 2 2 7 will now flash during power up. 

If the “F” does not appear, then the firmware you are trying to install is the same as what is currently running on your device. 


Download Infinity 3 Manual

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